Things im doing right now:

Learning Java

Learning web development (so HTML, CSS, JS)



Im also trying to get a driver's license, so Im reading up on that too. However, since Im doing to much, I have little time to do this. But Im going to try to catch up in this area.

When Im not doing anything, I watch 90s and 80s animes.

I also have a part-time job where I work 60% (three times/week). It markedet itself as a 20% part-time. But because of corona, and it being winter which leads to sickness, I've had to work a lot more than 20%. I hope the times goes back to how much I originally intended to work there, because there is no way I have time to work there 60%.

If youre wondering what Im working as, I work part-time in a kindergarden. The job isnt really meant for me, as its a pretty social job. In sosionics terms/MBTI terms its a pretty Fe and Si job (there are lots of xNFPs and xSFJs there). So Im struggling a bit. But oh well, it just is what it is. And at least Im getting payed.

Im not going to use linux after all. I dont want to back up all my files. And if Im correct, there is a lot of stuff to learn when using linux? And I dont have the time for that at this moment. I could do it after Im done with my math exam, but not right now.

Another thing I wanted to get into was crypto speculation. However, Im struggling with coinbase. To use it, I have to use either a driver's license (which I dont have), or use a passport. The problem is that my mother has my passport, and if I ask for it, Im probably going to get asked what Im going to use it for. And what should I answer then? I want to "gamble" with crypto? So right now Im trying to come up with some kind of excuse.


Ive been training for some days now. It has gone nicely. On monday I did my chest, today (thuesday) I did my back, and tomorrow Im going to do my legs.

I have been getting ragged on by my familiy for working out. Because of corona (being in a public place, like a gym, increases risk for corona), and because it costs a lot of money (for food and membership).

But imma still go ahead and continue. Lifting is always something Ive wanted to get into, and as an adult I do whatever the fuck I want to anyway.

I've also tried to download Sims 2, however, my pc dosent have enough space. I bought a 4TB HDD, but I cant play the game from the external HDD. Oh well.

My programming is coming along. Tomorrow imma research more about programming. Ill try learn more about buttons, and maby Ill look into some project, like creating a flip book or a calculator. The language I'm learning is java.

I think Im also going to start investing in crypto, as it would be nice to have some passive income on top of my part-time.

Im also waiting for new wireless headphones to arrive, and a 32gb USB pen to which Im going to use for linux.


Ive been drinking some beer. I should definetaly drink more often, as I get to feel very bubbly and fun inside. I should also eat less popcron.

On sunday imma try to work out with lifting weights. Itll be fun! Also my math studying is getting along well. I understand the things I need to understand.