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Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion): INTJ

Her Fe polar us pretty clear in how apathetic and uncaring she is for engaging and affecting the emotional atmosphere.

Next is how she engages with people. She isnt loyal to an ideology or a thought-system, but rather specific people. This indicates Fi. And with her inexpressivness indicates she being a thinker type

Next she isnt assertive or direct like an ISTJ, but remains rather apathetic.

Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion): INFP

He seems to be intrested in human pshycology and analysing it from a philosohical perspective. This seems to indicate Ne and Fi.

Next he is very charming, and good at creating relations with others. This indicates him being a feeler type.

Asuka Langley Sohryuu (Neon Genesis Evangelion): ISFJ

Very dramatic, outspoken, and critical. By many shes typed as ESTJ, but shes too dramatic. Some there is an issue of emotional energy. An ESTJ dosent have the energy to be as outwardly emotional. Another thing is that she seems really caught up in what other people think of her. This seems to indicate Fe, and the ESTJ type has weak unvalued Fe.

I also think the typings of her as an ESTJ are misguided. Often people will have a perception of how an ESTJ SHOULD look like, according to stereotypes.

For example ESTJs are often accepting, and carry themselfs however they want to, regardless of what people think of them.

I think the issue is that a lot of people have met some xSFJs that kind of act like bullies, and because of stereotypes, they type these people as ESTJ.

Not to say that xSFJs are bullies or whatever. A person can act like shit regardless of type.

But an xSFJ acting like shit, will have more in common with Asuka than an ESTJ acting like shit.

And these toxic ISFJ traits can be seen in Asuka. Shes very critizising, dramatic, takes her emotions out on other people, obsessed with what other people think of her.

Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion): ISTJ

Assertive, commanding, unexpressive, uninvested in relations.

Light Yagami (Death note): INFP

Fits well with a pshycopathic INFP with a god-complex

Manipulative, scheming, belives himself to be rightous, moral absolutist

Many people type him as xNTJ, but in my opinion such typing comes from people with little understanding of these types, and that have unfortenately fallen for certain stereotypes.

He is less likely xNTJ.

Considering his manipulative capabilities, his most likely a feeler.

Considering his scheming and planning capabilities, his most likely an intuitive.

He seeks a moral ideal, rather than a political and communital cause. This indicates xNFP instead of xNFJ.

He seems more introverted than I'd expect an ENFP to be. He works all alone, and tho is very charismatic, he can also come off a bit wierd sometimes.

The Joker (The Dark Knight): xNFJ

Fits Beta quadra values very well. Fighting for a political goal, seeks adrenaline, unmaterialistic.

Next I would say his an xNFJ instead of an xSTP. He is good at taking advantage of pshycological weakpoints, making people go after each other, setting people up.

Batman for example is an xSTx. He is instead very hands-on. He built the batcave, and many of his gadgets himself. He fights criminals head-on.

He is often typed as ENTP, but I think this has to do with being mislead.

xNFJs are very rear in real life, and so many people dont know what they actually look like. People end up thinking xNFJs are like xSFxs, and so mistype a lot of xSFx types as xNFJ types.

But xNFJs are very different. For example xSFJs are seen as very intregrated into society, and so people think xNFJs are like that too due to high Fe.

However, xSFJs rather see xNFJs as very off-putting. As society is very Si-obsessed, xNFJs are actually often shunned from society.

Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network): ENTJ

There is a very wrong image of what the ENTJ actually looks like.

You'll often see very schemy political characters typed as ENTJs. However, these people are often actually xSTPs and xNFJs.

The actual ENTJ archtype looks much more like the other xNTx types. Which is why actual ENTJs are often mistyped as other xNTx types.

To know what thw ENTJ character actually looks like, here are some important things which a lot of people miss out on:

"Shadow functions" play a much larger role in a type than many people think. Shadow functions shouldnt really be place beneath the "front functions", but rather besides them.

Exactly how the shadow functions should be placed besides the front functions, depends a bit on who you ask, but generally, the introverted functions are paired with the introverted functions, while extroverted functions are paired with extroverted functions.

This means that the ENTJ type will have the same "strenght" in functions as the ENTP type, and therefore also looks suprisingly more like the ENTP type than people think.

How the ENTJ type should be looked at, is very much like how the other xNTx types are looked at: As a techy expert that is intrested in technological development.

In more educated circles, the ENTJ is looked at more as some kind of nerdy "AUCTUALLY" kind of person. They look something like a very nerdy and unexpressive ISFP, or a very unexpressive ENFP.

This is why for example in these circles, Ben Sharpirio and CS J are sometimes typed as ENTJ.

In my opnion, these typings are wrong, but I can see where these typings are coming from.

What differentiates ENTJ from the xNTP types, is that like the xNTJ type, the ENTJ values Ni-Te and Se-Fi. This means the ENTJ values things like: Individuality, entrepenurial spirit, practicality, info on longterm market-trends

What differentiates the ENTJ type from the INTJ type, is that the INTJ type is more of a technician/systems-improver due to having very strong Ti like the INTP, while the ENTJ is more of an inventor due to having very strong Ne like the ENTP.