What if everyone else disappeared?

The following will be perssumed:

  • Everyone but I dissapears overnight.
  • Animals are still alive.
  • When I wake up, Im fully aware of my situation.

    These are some important facts I would be aware of, or aware of within an hour of research:

  • Frozen meat and vegtiables will last from 3 months to 1 years.
  • Most of the animals in farms and houses will die within a week from starvation
  • Canned food can last up to 2 year.
  • Power supply around the world will go out within 2 months (if im correct).
  • The internet will go down along with the power supply (as itll become inaccessible).

    The first thing I would do is to drive to the food store and load up the car with meat. I know this is the food that will go out first, and so I would eat this first. I would then load the food into freezers.

    I would also drive to farms with different animals, and feed these animals. During the winter, I would know that most farms have food for the animals stored up for the season (Im writing this during the winter). These different animals would be fed during the day. The rest of the day would be spent hoarding meat into freezers.

    I would also know that the internet would soon go out, and so I would dedicate some time to research whatever I would need to.

    The most important things to know during this time, would be to know such things as: How to keep the power going, look up important locations, how to farm plants and animals.

    I wouldnt have the time to read up on this during the short time the internet would last, so I would take loads of pdf files and print them out. Then store them at the big farm Im at, ready to be read up on whenever needed.

    I dont know how fast I could store the food, but I think I would be done within a week or two.

    By this, I most animals on farms that I wouldnt be around, would die out.

    Now, I would continue to feed the animals on the farms around me, I would have animals such as chickens, cows, sheeps. While doing this, I would also read the different pdf files I would've printed out, and I would also print out more files.

    From these pdf files I would try to gain knowledge in: how to deal with farm animals, how to kill and make use of a farm animal's meat, how to plant different vegtiables, possible ways to keep the electricity going for as long as possible, how to hunt for animals (as wild animals would become more prominant), and how to store food without freezers.

    During the first 2 years I would eat food I have stored, and possibly found some way to have a power source (however, I woulndt have internet).

    After the first two years I would then try to get enough food from the farms Im on.

    Most of my days would probably go towards dealing with the farms, reading up on my pdf files and usefull books from libraries. I probably wouldnt have much time for fun, but when I would have time I would probably dedicate this time to things like: reading literature, learning to paint and draw, get a bit into some intresting field like physics and history, fuck around with destroying windows and burning down houses.

    When it comes to lonliness, I think I would manage. Im a pretty introverted guy, but I think any person would just end up adapting. I would read up on pshycology books if I would feel that as nessecary and place dolls on different places and pretend theyre real people (like in the movie "I am legend").