Whatever happens, I will enjoy life. There is always an experience to be had, even if I dont accomplish everything I want to.

If the process for achieving something is not enjoyed, then the goal is not worth it.

There is much more to life than work. The most important thing is to have experience and fun.

Take things day after day, dont think too long-term.

The meaning of life: Fun, special relations, some achopishments.

Dont think about your results, think rather about what you did. Everyone have different experiences thorugh life. What makes you unique, is your experience.

In life, you "just pass through time". So you might as well enjoy your time.

Dont think about what will have effect on your experience on the end of the year, but rather what will have effect on your experience today.

Dont compare your experience with that of other's. Its only your experience that matters.

To have fun, one dosent need to kind of force oneself to think that something is fun, in order to thrick oneself that something is fun. Its more about relizing that something is fun.

Everything is temporary.

Dont make a frame for what you can accomplish. Rather look into ourself, and have the freedom to discover what you will find in yourself through life.

Think about the your situation as if no one else existed. What would you want to do, if not affected by others?